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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

creating happiness

Well since the last post I have been on the same trajectory and loving every moment, every double vision stressed needle threading moment :) Haha. I have indeed even made some pocket money and the knowledge that people like my work so much they part with their cash for it, well, it makes me weak at the knees.

Here are the main developments:
* rainbow bird mobiles
* birds on perches
* basic hair barrettes bought
 * an elephant in design

So first to the bird mobile. This is what I always wanted to do with my birds once I truly got the hang of making them and could do so a little faster. Still this mobile takes about 4 good days work morning noon and night. Aren't I so lucky I love to do this stuff? I didn't know it but it was happening by my side...I always hand cut an extra bird template every time I decide to do a bird. So I was walking past my study one morning, looked in at my table and there was a rainbow! They all simply needed to be finished properly and have a motif on the wings to tie them altogether. I even had a few embroidery hoops in a box in the cupboard. I was so happy!

These ones also have buttons on their chests (I took the rainbow and turned it backwards so the red with paired with violet etc.) and jingle bells hanging from their bellies which sing in the wind. I covered the wood with lovely blue braiding, the same colour as the thread (blue for the sky - yep that's how my mind works). 

I have sold one that is very similar but was destined for the room of a small child so no beads, buttons or bells.

The birds on perches idea came just a simply as I walked along the same hallway (inspiration hallway?!) and saw my bird cage with fake birds on and in it. I did get help from my friends on Facebook in the design of it but I claim full rights now, ahaha. 

I cut a section  of trellis wood we had in the shed, sanded back a piece and used some allotment wire to create the loop. The birds were made and just sitting there unused, I didn't want to do another hanging; again serendipity stepped in and so using them and some leaves I created a little cosy perch. On Pinterest there are oh, I don't know, 100s of tutorials on making felt flowers and I tried a rose one, not too bad I think. 

Maybe not the best photo, I took it with my phone for Instagram
This one will go to the local gift shop as it is fully assembled but I am going to have to make it into a 'finish yourself' item on Etsy - there is no way I could post it as is. So the birds will have to be attached by the new owner by glue and thread for feet. I hope it's popular, I love making them and giving into minor woodwork too :)

Lastly, I am finally moving away from only doing birds and have bought in some hair clips.. and I have a wonky elephant plush staring at me, waiting to truly be something (and get back legs, ears and a tail - oops).

Love and hugs,

Monday, 7 July 2014

Art and Disabilty

This whole art/craft becoming more than a hobby and instead a very hope-filled and exhausting kind of pocket money maker isn't easy, am I right??

I am right!! Plus with a disability it's so difficult to feel you can ever keep up, there is such added effort to try to even make it happen never mind the desire to make money, somehow, someway.

With both a physical disability in the form of my permanent double vision and multiple mental health problems I generally just get by day to day. It's obvious to anyone I wouldn't be able to work in the 'normal' sense of the word (even simply due to the side effects of all my medication) but I still have the desire to feel a little independent.

Recently I have been really hard on myself, telling myself my life and craft is frivolous and without value. The number of scribbled notes and statements I have written in notebooks, diaries, scraps of paper and even on my phone is ridiculous - all telling me, reminding me; I'm nothing. Its the mental health side of things, but I feel everyone is expecting, waiting for me to fail or that my work is just substandard.

It stops right now. Even if it's just for the remainder of today, that's a beginning.

What is success anyway?
Success poster - ''

I may never sell anything again, I may end up just spending my money (the little there is) on doing what I love. Maybe it will feel pointless at times and a waste of an intelligent brain but I will have fought harder than most I know and in that frame of mind my life is a flame, a torch lighting the way, filling the darkness with hope. I have even saved a life through 'silly pointless shit art' - I've saved my own.

Carrie xx

Friday, 27 June 2014

New products in store

I have not been idle dear reader! Since I last blogged I have been working really hard on my motor skills and have been sewing loads - what a blessed relief to have my fingers back :)  It feels so damn good I want to be making things all the time, ALL THE TIME! My yoga practise has gone to pot now though to sacrifice that energy into sewing but I really hope I'll soon be able to do both. In my head I'll be a yogi in no time, hahaha!

***  So the first new product in the shop was my Instagram greetings cards. I adore them but my shop is still only gaining back some interest so I am going to have to promote my work more if I'm ever going to be seen again. Luckily I have amazing followers on Facebook, I'd be lost without them and their encouragement.

There are 3 collections and then this one (which I haven't listed yet! what!?) but they are all interchangeable. The print quality is superb and the card has a nice subtle sheen on the front; they're only 4" square but that's just perfect for a little note to someone or as something to put a gift card in etc.
Allotment card collection property of Carrie Gault -

Occasion card collection property of Carrie Gault -

Wildlife card collection property of Carrie Gault -
property of Carrie Gault - Oh Cherry Blossom Tattoo -

**** Then, I had these started before January but they were nowhere near finished so I take great pleasure in sharing my first new sewing pieces. Three small birds which until a couple of weeks ago were just bodies without wings or eyes or beaks... I like this little design on the wings - I surprised myself with it, haha, and call it the rose garden collection. There shall be more made soon!

Felt bird hanging, property of Carrie Gault -

Felt bird, property of Carrie Gault -

I still can't believe I made these with my own hands and permanent double vision - it gives me tingles. Is that wrong to say? I don't want to blow my own trumpet too much, how embarrassing! I'm just saying the truth.

**** Mr Red Bird was one of those ones I'd made last year and just couldn't decide how to finish; I couldn't design a wing I liked, so he sat, with beak and eyes all winter (he must have been so miserable!) Well again only last week and the start of this one, did I get a chance to complete him. I also gave him a friend in the form of a smaller version of him :) I love the colours now all tied in with the right fabric and coloured felt balls.
Felt bird hanging, property of Carrie Gault -

Felt bird hanging, property of Carrie Gault -

These two new pieces aren't even dear when I sit and think about the time (days) and the headaches and such that have gone into them. I am really underselling myself but I think I just hope someone with love one and buy it and I can justify making lots more!

Soon I shall be sharing some completely different items with you. I won't stop making my birds, I love them, but it is time for more friends to join the Oh Cherry Blossom Tattoo party :)

Love and hugs

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Super Discounts on Photo Prints

I'm having a clear out, a purge, a very late Spring clean. I have finally got myself in the mood to start being arty and crafty again! I have been taking a few photos already this year, though my hands are still very clumsy and I have yet to hold a needle or pin - it'll come back.

Part of my illness manifests itself in taking away my fine motor skills. The first few months of 2014 were scary as I couldn't write legibly at all, couldn't even hold a pen without getting cramps. Now I have exercised that demon with a lot of hard work, it's on to the really delicate work of scissors and sewing - I know it will be frustrating but I'll get there :)

So here are the discounted price 8x10 prints in the shop now! Only £6 + postage and packing (dearest is £3). They are in perfect condition but as I am not going to craft fairs anymore and gave up my weekly craft market stall I have a few in stock that it would be great to move along so I can grow and challenge myself again.

Portrait pieces

Landscape pieces

I shall probably always have these on file on the off chance that some lovely person wished to purchase a particular piece but in general I think they all look better, bigger. Or indeed as postcards/greetings cards.

I've also got a number of quality standard sized postcards to list and brand new cute Instragram greeting cards just ordered. I really hope you like them.

Love and hugs

Thursday, 5 June 2014

starting over again

I guess I used to think that if I hard enough I could be someone. I had the business cards, thank you postcards, a personalised stamp and banner made. Nevermind the hours put into social media and trying to connect with like minded people for reciprocal support and inspiration.

I have wasted so much money, made my hubby go with me to the local craft market for 18 months and craft fairs in the middle of nowhere. (I was so nervous at these things I was often sick, vomiting in bathrooms). Then I took the decision to leave that behind and focus on my Etsy shop and bricks and mortar shops.

My photography was never that popular, even though I was proud of it. Depression is the thief of hope and creativity; double vision is the thief of seeing properly and editing for any length of time on the computer; not working is the thief of photoshop and such things as my friends/competitors were using. And worst of all Comparison is the thief of joy!

Well I suppose the only reason I am writing is to say I'm having a big sale of my 8x10 prints that have been sitting in a cupboard already wrapped and ready to go for about a year now, though I haven't even kept up to date with my shop or this blog.

Discounted items will start being listed today...
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