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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Things are getting all Autumnal at the Allotment

I have to confess I haven't been at my lottie much over the past couple of weeks. First there was the onion eating incident (I am intolerant and was sick all one weekend) then last weekend I had a tummy bug :( Oh why world, why??!

Anyway I was able to get out for little periods here and there and I pretty much never go anywhere without a camera :) So,here are some lovely shots of our very own produce from our allotment, the colours of which have cheered me up through my tummy upsets and the dull rainy days. They have also put me mind of the cosy dark and wintery nights that lie ahead and in response to that I have started up my needlework again and even have a sampler to get started :) Being sick though has left me with little energy so I shall write about my newest crafty adventures another day (right now I could do with a nap). Also I have to remember to tell you all about the utterly fabulous Suzanne from 'Little White Dog' as my ATC came in the post with a little gift and has shown her to be an absolute genius; an arty goddess if ever there was one.

So here are my happy newest pics which may go on Etsy but I'm not sure quite yet...

Love and hugs, till tomorrow xx


  1. Love the colours in those pictures. Gorgeous.

  2. getting ready for breakfast and wishing those berries were in a bowl at my house! wonderful photo carrie, and you know i love that sunflower...


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