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Friday, 4 February 2011

Friday Treasuries - wow it's a bonanza!

Believe me, I never ever take for granted the honour of being included in someones treasury collection. It really does make me very happy indeed and I love to see the other items that have been  placed in the same group as me. The themes and titles are fun too and I often find at least 1 new shop that I adore.

This week however has been a real bonanza for me - I am a little overwhelmed by the number of treasuries I have been in (or rather, that my photographs have been in!). I love all of them and have them all here for your perusal  - hope you find something you love :) If anything it's a great way to pass a while, looking at the fabulously talented artists on Etsy and their wares.

Oh, love from Ireland and going by the amount of hearts on show, we girls have a lot to give! A delightful collection of all Ireland wares from PatchworkDelights, I may be slightly biased but this rocks Fiona!
One full of Crafty Irish people! I love being a part of the Etsy Ireland team - so friendly and supportive. Well done Amor - yet again, you do make stunning treasuries!
This one is my own - I do love horses and when I was looking around some of my favourite shops I was really pleased to find so many gorgeous images and one very funny one (the 1st) by buttuglee.

Eeeekk I adore Poppies - they are so fiery red! Love this one ifONA ! It would make a gorgeous big picture in my studio.
This is a stunning, all photography collection that to me is so calming even though it is full of bright and cheery colours, I could look at these pictures for ages and never tire. Amanda you are a genius!
This screams SPRING! and boy I can not wait until it arrives. Treasuries like this one will have to suffice for now but how vibrant and fresh it is! Thank you Pottersong for putting this together, you just can't help but smile!
I was shocked, literally, my jaw was hanging open when a few minutes after posting my new 'The Birds' photograph  it appeared in LadyshipDesigns' (you have never seen a more girlie shop, ever!) snow,snow,snow treasury - Oh so proud!
Then a hour of so later I noticed this treasury and again my brand new birds photo. This truly is a 'soft and serene' collection put together by Patsysjoy.
Oh and lastly we have this stunner - I love the apparent randomness of this, just like this is Pet Collages'  (she has a super crazy shop I have just had to heart - mental art work!) faves of the moment. I could eat that soap though, hahaha

It's been a great week for Cherry Blossom Tattoo. 2 Interviews and all these treasuries and I managed to organise the FPoE photo swap with out going insane. Plus just an hour ago I applied for my National Market Traders Federation insurance - eek! I think I need a lie down :)

Happy Weekend xxx


  1. hi, Carrie! fab blog! i am your newest follower! ^^)

  2. Hi Carrie, great blog post and thanks for including my treasury amongst all those wonderful treasuries.

    Well done for featuring in so many!! Your photographs are beautiful though!



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