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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Photo Swap joy with thanks to Elle Moss

I was so happy when I stumbled down the stairs yesterday morning, tired and not really ready for another day, when I saw on the console table 2 letters for me! :) If only you had been there you would have seen the big grin, but hold on, then you would also have seen the hair, the dressing gown and the unshaven legs - eeek! Best not to think about that, I am sorry if this image is now stuck in your brain, dear god I hope you aren't eating or about to go to bed.....sorry x

Anywho one letter was from my lovely cousin who now lives in Seattle (too far away from Carrick if you ask me) and the other was from one of my swap partners Elle Moss - too exciting. She is one of my favourite ladies in the FPoE team and is definitely one of the finest photographers I have had the pleasure to chat to over this internet :)

Here is the joy that I beheld - revel in the glory with me:
A beautiful 5x7 print 'Dorothy' (as the swap was all about that), a very cool postcard with a little message on the back from the lady herself, a beautiful business card (yes, that gorgeous red lipped face is a business card front) and an extra 5x5 print ('the butterfly releaser' one of my all time favourites of hers - I can't tell you how pleased I am to own this!!) as an apology for being late in sending it to me! Goodness I am spoilt rotten ............and I like it ;) lol

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  1. What!? You got elle!? Jealous! She is such a phenomenal person, to say nothing of her incredible skill as a photographer. Glad you got her!

  2. Love these! The swap was fun ;)

  3. amanda - now don't you be jealous ;) And is was a fluke too, I just realised I could have sneakily had anyone I wanted - I'm such a goody two shoes!! xx

    Anika - I love them too, even though organising so many women has it's moments ;) haahaha HUGS


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