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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

365 - The lost weeks in France - part 2

So to conclude and get us bang up to date (ie last Sunday), here are the daily photos from last week. We had moved up to the North of Brittany by this stage and were much more relaxed, staying in an area we knew well.....

Week 18
Day 115 (Monday)
A 'salty sea dog' that befriended me on a beach which was also a commercial mussel growing 'farm'. She was lovely and very interested in my camera (I had nose marks all over the lens and my glasses).
Day 116 (Tuesday)
This a little part of the gorgeous Chateau de la Roche-Jagu, a delightful place with extensive gardens and amazing views. We never pay to go in, just dander about and then have a wee sit down (very old souls).
Day 117 (Wednesday)
One of my favourite places in the whole world - a HUGE brocante in Treguier, this is just one teeny tiny part of it. You can find pretty much anything in there = hours of fun :)
Day 118 (Thursday)
St Guirrec beach near to the town of Puerros- Guirrec. The tide was right out this time and the private Chateau could almost be walked right up to, so tempting to go nosey ;) This is part of the famous Granite Rose Coast.
Day 119 (Friday)
Can't accuse us of not being posh, hahaha. This was a late lunch/early dinner in the town of Paimpol.
Day 120 (Saturday)
This is NOT pee!! It's lovely local cidre (or cider) which we drank out of traditional bowls in the town of Roscoff, which surprised us by having a medieval core with lots of lovely shops. It's so much more than a ferry port.
Day 121 (Sunday)
On our way home, driving up from Rosslare to Belfast. Just in case you've never seen it before - this is the border between the Republic and Northern Ireland! Yellow lines at the side of the road = Eire and White = Home. So different from when I was a kid.


  1. That beach looks wonderful!!/MandyCrandell

  2. Hello sweetie! Just caught up with your lovely trip, looks like you had a great time!!!!!!!
    Welcome back Home! :)


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