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Friday, 25 November 2011

Supporting Local artists = happy me :)

Andrew and I spent last weekend in Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, taking part in their fabulous Winter Craft Fair. This was the 2nd time we had taken part and boy it will not be the last; I love the atmosphere there and the whole fair is run impeccably, plus there are lots of other lovely traders to chat to. And everyone from that part of the world seems so friendly!

Beside me was Jennifer from 'Cornucopia 4 U' who is also at the St George's Market on Sundays and just across the room was the gorgeous work of 'Made Pretty', Gillian wasn't there herself but her Mum (who I love) was there working hard :) There were a couple of other familiar faces and the girl straight in front of me comes from Carrick too (such a small world!)

 I sold a good lot of pieces and was really quite proud of myself, the comments I received were lovely and many people simply loved to chat photography. I met a few people who I shall never forget, whose stories will stay with me and push me onwards to do more. Funny how one of my pieces can be reinterpreted by someone else as a sign, that little signal they were looking for to move on in life.

A favourite this year was definitely 'Any Apples?' and I sold a few in various sizes. I love to see the smiles on peoples' faces when they see this crazy guy and the kids that giggle and point.

I also sold my first framed poster prints which was really exciting and has boosted my confidence that yes, sometimes bigger is better! ;) These 4 were snapped up and it is just as well that the exhibition in the Apartment in Belfast finished on Sunday as The Half Light was sold, hehehe.

Something that really made me happy were the few bespoke orders I was asked for. Oh I get little tingles just thinking about them. How blessed, how humbling to have someone love a piece so much that they will ask for it in a different size to fit the space they have. So often people will just walk away if the exact thing isn't placed in front of their noses, not the good people of the Winter Fair! I even had to get one piece printed and mounted the wrong way up!!!! hahaha - of course there is never a wrong way with art but I always have Hope in his Hand as landscape, this particular couple thought it ought to be portrait and you know the old saying...the customer is always right :)

A great weekend, though exhausting - many thanks to Burnavon Arts Center, Cookstown! See you next year xxxxxx


  1. Oh sweet Carrie, I'm so happy for you!!!!!!! You sound so happy, sometimes it just takes the right place and moment to find the right people who are able to see and appreciate your art...
    You are so talented, and all these great news make my so happy for you... and mighty proud of you!!!!!! Go Carrie!YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

    PS: When you get famous and write your autobiography, don't forget to mention your friend Anna who always believed in you and interviewed you for her blog! hahaha ;D

  2. Funny enough, the very first time I stayed in Ireland was in Cookstown!! Love the quiet little town. Good for you Carrie, you sold a fair amount of stuff, well done!! smile, Virginie


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