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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sweet Etsy Goodness and a Giveaway ~ Lone Crow Photo

Suzi Smith of 'Lone Crow Photo' is a bit of a nomad who travels around the UK in a caravan to affliciate her Husband's job. It sounds terribly romantic and something that would diffentalely lead one into the artistic side of life. She is orginially from North Yorkshire but has called North East England her home for most of the last year and it seems she may stay there a while longer..... Her work is beautiful, her words, deep and I am excited to share her with you; plus she has so kindly offered to host my last giveaway of 2011 :)

* Shop names are so important and personal; where did you get yours from?
The name 'Lone Crow' came years ago... wandering through the woods, a winter crescent moon low in the sky, deep in thought. A crow started cawing in the branches above me and seemed to shout "lone crow"... for the next couple of weeks a single crow always seemed to show up when I was out, calling the same name. When I started planning this shop, a crow turned up again, and so 'Lone Crow Photo' was born.

* Where do you find that you get your inspiration from?
Just look out of the window.... or shut my eyes & breathe.... it's all around. Walking in the woods or down the street..... looking up at the sky or down at the pavement... I'm just fascinated with colour & textures... at seeing bare branches form buds & watching them unfurl... and the moon, how she fascinates & inspires.... just looking at & being a part of nature is inspiration for me.

Also a quotation, "Inspiration comes from doing", don't know who said it but it's true. You can sit thinking about what you could do, or might do etc etc... or you can sit thinking you don't know what to do... but actually doing something leads to other things. Even if it's bitter cold and I really don't want to go outside to get that shot, once I take the first photograph, it can lead to being out for hours. When I really don't want to sit at the 'puter checking & editing, once I start..... you know the story.... how many hours go by & more ideas for what I want to photograph or how to catch something.

It's the same for writing.... even if I have no direction to begin with.... just the act of picking up a pen or pencil & doing some doodles or writing random words (a psychologists dream if they ever saw what I wrote!).... and before long I'm in full flow & really, REALLY don't want to stop.

* How do you keep up your motivation?
Well, I always have so many ideas, it is easy for me to get distracted or not do anything for thinking of things. I try to leave something unfinished so there is something I have to get on with straight away... or have a 'to do' list so I don't get too side-tracked. (except that it's a very flexible list & I tend to ignore it, but the theory is good!)

Once I start on something though, I can be very single minded. I think it's important to recognise your own natural cycles too... there are times when I'm naturally more productive & others when I'm more thoughtful.... and since keeping an eye on the moon-phase I've been much more aware of my own cycles of motivation & introspection etc. I don't get upset with myself if I'm not motivated though... it usually just means I need to be looking at something else for a while, and it's quite ok to do 'nothing' for a while too!

* Do you see you art and shop as a reflection of yourself; your soul?
Absolutely.... at least a tiny part of it.

* Where has this artistic journey taken you so far?
It's led me along a wonderful path.... It has lead me to teach calligraphy, to open a shop selling my own work & that of others, to learn about healing... both myself & others.

I took a calligraphy class more than 20 years ago... I collected quotations to write out, and so read snippets of wisdom from great philosophers & ancient cultures, bits of poems & bits of religion... these lead me to read more, to think more deeply.... to recognise the connection between all things.

The photography only started seriously a couple of years ago. I was taking photographs for my blog and tried to catch a lunar eclipse... and got that bright fuzzy blob of light that you will know so well if you've tried to photograph the moon! I started reading about photography... then cameras... then when my little old camera 'died' I bought a 2nd hand Nikon d40. I've learnt a great deal about myself whilst I've been watching the moon & seen so much more in nature.

Taking photographs, then writing about what I've seen... what I feel... has clarified my thoughts and insights, and has often translated into calligraphic work too. My art & spirituality walk hand in hand with me & I'm thoroughly enjoying the journey!

* Does Art enhance your life?
Art is a way of being... if I didn't write or paint or photograph I'd be happy just appreciating the greatest artist of them all... Mother Nature.

* Can we have one pearl of wisdom you have learnt along the way?
Accept what you've done as the best you could do at that time. Ok, so you might think it would have been better like this or that, but accept that piece, as it is, at that time. If you try again, treat it as a new piece of work, not just 're-doing' the same thing over & over, which can lead to frustration. In this way, the new project has it's own new life & energy...

* How important is feedback to you?
I'm often amazed at how much something I've done can mean to someone else... it's always lovely to hear. A bit of an ego thing, but still lovely!

* Are you a member of any teams on Etsy - does this help?
Too many! I keep seeing something that seems interesting or useful to be a part of, but to be honest I find them too much of a distraction. It's too easy to spend time looking at what other people are doing instead of getting on with my own business. I've neglected my own writing since being involved with teams on etsy.... it's something I've got to learn to balance, but that will come, Im sure!

* How do you feel about your life right now?
I feel like I'm drifting a bit at the moment... but enjoying it!

* Dogs or Cats?
I like both. We've got a dog, a Cocker Spaniel called Ted. Teddy Smith sounds very designer-ish don't you think?! He's a real scruff, a bit like me, lol. Because he needs walking I spend much more time out in the woods or with my camera than I probably would otherwise.... and love that. I've never had cat, but whenever I go to anyone's house who has one they always sit on my knee... and I love big wild cats!

And here she is :) *waves*

Lone Crow Etsy Shop
blogs (a bit neglected lately, but I will be back!) ~

****Giveaway Time****
Suzi in her loveliness has also decided to do a giveaway of  a 5x5 OR  5x7 print of your choice from her shop!!!  yippeee, we all love the excitment of these :) Everyone is welcome to join... do share with your friends

1 - Go Suzi's Shop
2 - Leave me a comment letting us know that piece you like bestest :)
3 - add in your email address so I can get hold of you as you may be busy - it's Christmas after all!
4 - THURSDAY I shall pick a winner out of my hat



  1. LOVE this one SO much!

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


  2. Already a massive fan of Suzi, a very talented lady.
    Would be too hard to choose a favorite as they're all wonderful pieces.
    Thank-you for a great interview. I really enjoyed reading it-and for showing some of some of this wonderful art.x

  3. Reaching To The Moon, though I love all of Suzi's moon photos. She captures the beauty of it perfectly.

  4. They are all greatbut hazy red moon is my favourite :)

  5. Phew.... comments at last... i thought no one liked me!!
    (only kidding) Thanks for 'publishing' me carrie x

  6. What a great interview, it's really nice to get to know you a little bit more :).

    I've loved your work for such a long time now, your photographs are stunning ~ if I were to pick a favourite I would have to choose Moon Dancing.

    Long may you keep producing such lovely pieces.


  7. SS - an interview that is you - clear and down to earth in a non-earthy way. It was the photos of the moon and crows that first drew me to your work - they speak of you and your essence in some way. We are glad to have a couple of your photos in our collection. Carrie thanks for the interview. And S - go well. in the travels. B

  8. Just love your photos so much Suzi - lovely to see you being featred like this! I think I like Shapeshifter best.... roz(dot)crick(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

  9. Just realised I did my email wrong! *laugh* I am such a numpty! The first dot should be a _ instead...

  10. Nice interview. Wonderful picture. We love Moon and Crows.


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