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Sunday, 8 January 2012

{In the Picture} week 1

So my 365 project was a total disaster wasn't it *shame on me*. So instead of making a New Year's resolution to try again (3rd time lucky and all that) I decided to trawl the net for a group of people doing something a little less intense. Thus I happily came across Urban Muser and her project {In the Picture}. You'll see her lovely button on the right hand side, just click and you can go straight to the project page.

This is a much easier (I hope) 52 photos, one every week, instead of everyday! And there is a Flickr group too which is fab (though Flickr and I are having realtionship problems at the minute - boo hiss)

The theme for this month is 'A Piece of Me' so here is my little entry -

It's special to me as I took it after my walk with the dog on Tuesday; it was the 1st time I had been out alone since September last year! I don't have any make up on and my hair is a mess but I can tell you - I felt good and I wanted to take a photo as a little record. It's this shape because I wanted to focus on my face, which was showing my calm and confident self for once. It's Black and White because I didn't want everyone to see how blotchy my skin was from being so cold and I hadn't slept the night before with nerves *blush*

Wish me luck on this project - I really want to complete it - already the doubts are creeping in and this is week 1! xx


  1. You can do it Carrie!! I will harass you each week if you like :D

    Good to see you out and about chicky.


  2. Thanks ladies :)

    Ash - yes please do harass me, I will need it :)


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