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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sweet Etsy Goodness Interview and Giveaway ~ ChanelledCreations

Ana Goncalves is originally from Portugal (born in Lisbon) and grew up in a free spirited community. She has been living in the UK for 21 years. Her orginial paintings have a uplifting childlike innocence and a deep love for colour. Bright and Ana herself.

*** Shop names are so important and personal; where did you get yours from?
The name came to me almost automatically one day, and without giving it any thought. As it came to me, I just knew that it was the right name for the shop. It is about expressing and sharing meaningful creations from the heart with purpose and intent.

*** Where do you find that you get your inspiration from?
I am inspired by living, everything around me through daily experiences, feelings, reflections and my own self awareness. I am also inspired largely by nature and animals, they always allow me to dig deeper into my sense of self and motivate me to shine.

*** How do you keep up your motivation?
If I don't create each day I let my inner self explore and find out what works and what doesn't. I love experimenting and if I get an idea I always follow it through. I also allow space for non-creation where I am just at peace with inner self, that is when the best creations are formed.

*** Do you see you art and shop as a reflection of yourself; your soul?
Thoroughly, everything in my shop is a reflection of my own inner world, and it brings me joy that it makes others happy too.

*** Where has this artistic journey taken you so far?
It has led me to share my work with others around the world through the opening of my online Shop, and to bring a smile and warmth to people.

*** Does Art enhance your life?
Art is a way of being, and by being, it is expressed in every form whether through creation or a simple gesture.

*** Can we have one pearl of wisdom you have learnt along the way?
To know that every moment is an opportunity to always learn something new about yourself, and that you have permission to find out more about yourself at any given time. Through creativity you can give yourself permission to do just that, and allow what comes through to surface in it's own moment, as every creation has a purpose, when you allow yourself to trust.

*** How important is feedback to you?
It makes me happy to hear how my Art affects other people, it brings a warming to my heart and it inspires me to bring out more of myself on my own journey.

*** Are you a member of any teams on Etsy - does this help?
Several and they are a great support system. I see each as a community and I love the way in which you can share your experiences and journey with everyone, and how everyone is always there for you.

*** How do you feel about your life right now?
I feel a great peace, when everything is at a balance and that is very important for me, seeing as I am a Libra.

*** Dogs or Cats?
I like both. We have always had animals, and I appreciate and love each unique animal as they are because they have such great personalities, just like humans!

Details of where you can find Ana :) ~
Etsy shop
facebook page

Details of Ana's giveaway......
I am giving away An Art Print Postcard from my original paintings of your choice - from the link below:

Included with that Art Print Postcard I am generously throwing in a page of 6 mini art stickers from my original paintings ~

**** Giveaway Time ****

1~ Visit Ana's shop Channelled Creations
2 ~ Leave a comment HERE saying what your favourite item is, leaving your email!!
3 ~ For a 2nd chance of entering, 'LIKE' Ana's Facebook page too (and let me know!!!!)

4 ~ THURSDAY I shall pick a winner out of my hat 


  1. Ana's Etsy shop, ChannelledCreations, is a shop filled with lovely items and it was hard to choose, but I will choose this one as my favorite:

    Iris Roberson
    Owner of Etsy shop

  2. I LOVE Ana's stickers! I have bought them at three different occasions, one set for me and two for my (almost) 6 years old daughter, who also loves Ana's stickers. She calls one of them "the big color eye". :) Unfortunately my FB is deactivated, but yes, I did like it when I was still active. :)


  3. Ana! You're so talented! What a lovely interview and I am happy I got the chance to read it!
    You're very strong and the fact that you feel your art within yourself, a reflection of your inner being and the peace that you feel within is wonderful to hear!!

    My favourite piece of Ana's would be:

    I love the stars and the planet - feels like a whole other universe!

    Keep being awesome <3

    I also liked your page (Amber 'Spades')... and as my fan page too! (PaintedEpoxy)

  4. Ana's Etsy shop is lovely, and it was hard to choose just one, but I will post this one as my favorite:

    Iris Roberson
    Owner of an Etsy shop at:

  5. Hello! Great interview Anna!!

    Way to go!!! :)

  6. I like "freedom" card in the etsy shop!

  7. I am now following on facebook!

  8. The Believe painting is my favorite!
    One word with limitless power!
    And it can apply to anything in your life!

  9. my favorite item is
    one word with limitless power!
    it can apply at any time and point in your life!

  10. Wonderful to see ANA getting some of the attention she deserves! Her art speaks of hopeful innocence (which we ALL need!!) - and she is one of those rare individuals who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!! Anita, Nedaoriginals on etsy

  11. What a great treat to hear from a true artisan. Love her work and I am lucky to have found her.

    Sandy From YourDay on Etsy.

  12. While late for the giveaway, I just had to say how much I like Ana's work. It's so happy and bright. I also enjoyed learning more about her through your interview.

    BTW thanks to you, I have referred some of my blogging friends who are also artists to the Etsy store:~)

    Have a good weekend.

  13. Silly SARA - You aren't late, you a bang on time; the draw for a winner is NEXT thursday xxx

  14. What a talented and beautiful lady! I LOVE Ana's artwork and her unique, innocent, happy and colorful style that speaks about a beautiful soul!
    I had already favorited her Etsy shop! It's hard to choose a favorite, but... since I'm in love, I will choose the "Love is everything" painting! :)

  15. I LOVE Ana! She is such an amazing soul! So tenderhearted and caring :)

    My favorite is definitely the Metamorphosis painting. Love the meaning behind it! I also really love her Rejuvenating Waters painting.

    sandandstarfish at yahoo dot com

  16. I like her on facebook as well :)

    CUTE stickers Ana!!!

  17. I love Ana and her work! She brings a smile to my face each time I see her. I LOVE this piece of hers:

    Thanks for this wonderful interview with her! She deserves all the recognition she can get! She is amazing!

    I am now a follower on facebook as well!

  18. oops my e-mail is

  19. Such a wonderful interview. Ana, always has such a loving shop, you can tell part of her goes into everything she does.

    I really like this:
    It seems to connect with me these days.
    Great questions on the interview too.

  20. Awww what a fab interview! Good for You Ana! So wonderful for such a sweet gal! This is the link to what I love:

    The colors and the flow just make me fall in love!

    sorry I don't have fb or I would Like:( But I LOVE CHANELLED CREATIONS! SUCH A LOVELY BEING!

    Yours, TreasureKelly:) xo

  21. What a lovely interview..
    Ana has the most beautiful shop on etsy. She is so talented and such a beautiful person. Always there to help others.

  22. A lovely and insightful feature on the amazing artist Ana.

    I love Ana's shop and my favourite was a painting called 'Sanctuary' which sold! My new favourite is this 'Love is everything' print!

    Jen :-)

  23. I also follow Ana on facebook too.

    Forgot to add above that my email is

    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway


  24. Ana, you are a sweet, bright star. I like best "The Celebration of Life" and i am the proud owner of some of Ana's art. Good luck to you!


  25. This is my favorite "Ana" creation...

  26. I "liked" Ana's facebook page too!

  27. Also, I love Ana's creations... they are channeled and so beautiful, innocent, colorful.... I love and feel lifted just looking at them.

  28. Lovely interview from a wonderful artist and amazing individual! Love your work Ana!

  29. Oh yay, congratulations lovely Ana!
    Ana and I have been in contact over the last couple of years thanks to the internet - I live n Astralia and she in the UK, so it was a chance meeting made in heaven!
    Anyway, I dabble ...
    My favourite (it's hard to choose)is 'Hampstead Heath'. There's something so gentle about it.
    Oh and of course, I'm already a fan on facebook! xx

  30. My favorite is the art print, 'Love Is Everything'.

  31. I liked Ana's Facebook page.

  32. Hi! Congrats on your interview Ana! Your work is unique and you deserve all the recognition you can get.
    Thank you to the blog owner. Great interview!

  33. I'm already a liker of Ana's facebook! :)

    CelestialAchelois on Etsy

  34. A lovely interview. My favourite item is:

  35. Hi Ana, loving your channelled creations. All beautiful and my favourite is Love is Everything, because, it is!

    Oh and my love is your love because We are ONE :O) xx

    You have my email. Congratulations on sharing your gifts, I know they will bless everyone that sees them. xx

  36. Ana is a true gem. Few are as fully heartfelt and aware of self and happiness from within as she is.

    Best to you, friend!


    Ana is one of the most awesome people I have met on Etsy. Every one of her items is filled with love and joy...and, you are right,each is beautiful just like Ana. (((Hugs for Ana)))
    Sweetland Arts

  38. What a beautiful feature! I love Ana's shop and she is always so kind and friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her through your blog. My fav print is "Love is Everything".


  39. Oh my other comment didnt go through so here it goes again xD

    Ive bought alot from Ana including many originals and each one is just beautiful. You get a great feeling just from opening the package and seeing them the first time. Every time after is just as good - just wonderful!

    My favorite item I havent gotten yet would be this:

  40. So lovely to find out more about one of my fellow Etsians :) Great interview and responses!!

    Sophie :)

  41. I love this Ana Creation As I just love Samhain it's my Favourite sabbat and anything that invokes that celebration for me is a winner!

    Loved the interview, You know i feel the same way about a lot of things which was nice to read. Have liked you facebook page as well xx


  42. I love Ana's shop and fb page already, she is a beautiful lady for sure! My favourite item in her shop at the moment is 'Love is Everything'


  43. I like this among many of hers.

    You can tell that Ana enjoys art.

  44. Ana, again my comment did not publish am giving it another try,
    Ana is a very talented Artist and to own one of her paintings or stickers, or cards, would be a real Thrill. I am proud of you Ana.
    Shop: SandJPaperandWood

  45. Ana, it is a priviledge to send this message to you !! Your work is beautiful.
    I am anxious to see what you create in the future !!
    Wishing you the best thanks Sarah


  46. I love Ana's art and my favorite for today is:

    Stopped over to "like" her on facebook too.

    I would love to win such a generous gift ♥ ~Alicia


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