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Thursday, 2 February 2012

taking a break

My health or lack of it is dictating that I must take a break for a little while. To continue to plow on with Cherry Blossom Tattoo is overwhelming, to give it up is unthinkable. I see darkness to the horizon and beyond, all feels so desolate, I am engulfed. The two sides of me are fighting and each are losing their own battle, I am suffering and tears prickle at my eyes.

Sadly I have had to relinquish control and take a break from all this. I need time to regain calm, to find my focus and to find my energy for the journey once more. I do love this path of communication and expression through photography but my health must come first and my brain is right now frazzled (a technical term I am sure).

I shall still do the Sweet Etsy interviews and chat about Simon's adventures but forgive me as for a week or 2 I don't post new works or talk about my new ideas. I just need a little head piece. I'll be fine and dandy but it is a hazard of every person who is trying to make art and maybe self sustain the process - there simply isn't the money out there at the moment and I feel I am fighting the waves in the sea with my bare hands; exhausted, numb and confused.

Rest can be the hardest gift we can bestow upon ourselves, taking ourselves out of the loop for a short while to recharge, it feels like failure. But it is what I must do. Wish me well. I shall return rejuvenated xxxx


  1. Wishing you well Carrie, lots of rest, peace and good things! Take care of yourself. Paula x

  2. Dearest Carrie,
    I feel you and completely understand and it's good just to step away and go within and have their space to really cleanse and have that time of rejuvenation. I wish you well for that time xx and may you feel a lot clearer from it.
    With love and happiness

  3. What a brave thing to do Carrie. 100% agree. Had to relegate blogging myself. Can't do it all (for different reasons but still). Rest, allocate yourself time and enjoy another hobby (allotment and stuff) and you'll come back revitalized. smile, V.

  4. Take Care of yourself my Dear :)

    You know we will be here when you come back :)

    Wishing you well and a calm time ahead :)

    Have a wonderful break, regards, T.:)

  5. i have the best readers in the world! thank you xxxxxxxx

  6. You SHALL return rejuvenated, I KNOW that!!!!!! And you know I always believe in you, sweet Carrie, and I always see that fire of Life burning in you!
    It's good to have a little break once in a while... they give the most wonderful results! It was out of a break to regain clear view that the wonderful time I'm living with my Love was born! :)
    Enjoy it, love a lot, hug a lot, smile at little lovely things of everyday life!
    Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. (((hug)))

    Take good care my friend, and be gentle with yourself.

    See you when you're ready to be here.

  8. So sorry to hear you are not very well! :/
    I wish you all the best. Relax and take your time to do all it takes you to come back even better than before (if that is possible)!
    We need you! ;)


  9. seriously, you are the most wonderful readers - i love you all, such encouragement and strength you give me xxxx


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