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Thursday, 1 March 2012

And we have a winner - Lizzes Beautiful Art

Hello everyone *waves*
Today is a big day - we have loads and loads to celebrate! Even though I am monumentally peeved off with the changes that an unscheduled update to IE9  made to everything this morning, I am resolute that we shall be happy here in Cherry Blossom Land!

First off our winner. Drum roll please...

Fiona leech, Rachael long, Marie Chambers, Nicola Selby, Rosemary Hill and Michelle cooper were the ladies who kindly entered - thank you xx In a highly (un)scientific manner I worked with Maggie (the wonder dog) and she choose the name Nicola as the one that made her tail wag the most, we repeated the exercise 3 times and I spoke in a neutral tone throughout, for some reason she LOVES the name Nicola - therefore you are are winner.

and a double Yay for Lizzes Beautiful Art - thank you so much for your interview and giveaway xx

I'll be back later to show you my newest photos and pincushions for sale ;)

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