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Thursday, 8 March 2012

boxes of happiness

The past few days, since Sunday really, I have been in the midst of a nightmarish migraine. Oh it has been horrid. Today I ate a chocolate biscuit after my lunch and ooops, I am in pain again - it was too soon I guess.

The computer has not been my friend with it's large screen of light and the tippy tappy sound of the keyboard both of which have been burrowing into my head and eating my sanity; hence, I have stayed away.

But late last night and early this morning I felt a little better and I am now taking the opportunity (before this headache gets bad) to fill you in with some exciting news.

Yesterday I got a gorgeous package in the post, which I was barely able to see in the darkened house but got to enjoy this morning. A secret gift - eeek!!! I love it. It came all the way from Kansas and was made my a lady called Stephanie Booth of MinetoMe on

Then my wonderful hubby came home with this!

A Dyson, oh lordy bless us all. My old Hoover is/was crap and just wasn't doing half a good enough job..Today I vacuumed the whole house and what joy; so much dirt lifted (gross!) and I feel clean again.

I have also been working on a lovely new price list and a little poster for the Market. I have a couple of new photos (though they won't be ready for this Sunday) and Andrew collected my 3 large prints back off the Arts and Disabilty Forum today (only 2 months late, hehehe). Oh and I have some more pincushion corsages in the making and ideas squishing out of my ears :)

Much love and if I see you on Sunday at St George's Market - there shall be free hugs. I'll write again tomorrow xx


  1. What a lovely surprise gift!

  2. Gorgeous news, Carrie!!!!
    I'm so happy for you! :)
    Lots of love!!!!!!


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