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Friday, 20 April 2012

Sweet Etsy Goodness Interview and Giveaway ~ JLM Photography

Give a load of love for our Friday Sweet Etsy Goodness victim, ummm I mean guest!! haha This is the fab Janice from Boston, Maine and she is in love with nature and life's vibrant colours. I of course have a huge soft spot for photography and for those behind the works - it upsets me terribly that we aren't seen as valued as say painters; we tell a story, evoke an emotion in the single click of our shutters ~ we are artists too. I guess the invention of the iphone app has taken the sheen off what we do.... So let us immerse ourselves in real talent and learn about beautiful shop that is JLM Photographs :)

*Shop names are so important and personal; where did you get yours from? My shop name is made up of my initials. JLM Janice Lynn Murray I have always liked my initials. :0)
*Where do you find that you get your inspiration from? I take my camera everywhere I go. From just walking in my near by park to my wonderful travel experiences.   
*How do you keep up your motivation? I love never knowing what I will see. One day I could get lots of new photo inspirations and the next time out nothing. I'm fascinated with being in the right place at the right time. Getting that perfect sunset or flower shot.
*Do you see your art and shop as a reflection of yourself; your soul? My photographs are a chance for you to view the world through my eyes, see the things I see. It could be the colour, pattern, or just the overall beauty of the scene. 

*Where has this artistic journey taken you so far? I have been lucky enough to have travel to Africa on Safari to swimming with the sharks in Bora Bora to snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
*Does Art enhance your life? I think so, I love sharing my travels with people. I get to share my passion of photography with two of my nieces. One niece is a photographer in NYC and one in college for photography.

*Can we have one pearl of wisdom you have learnt along the way? Just to have fun. Life is so short. I lost both of my parents by the time I was 26. My mom when I was just a child. It is the main reason I try to travel and see the world. I can remember my mom saying she wanted to go to Bermuda, not this year but maybe next year .......she passed away at the age of 51. She never got to Bermuda. Enjoy Life!
*How important is feedback to you? I love hearing that someone who has purchase a photograph of mine loves it as much as I do.
*Are you a member of any teams on Etsy - does this help? All the teams on Etsy are a great help. Finding answers to questions you didn't even know you had. I belong FPOE, POE, CraftFairs its a Living, estyLUSH.
*How do you feel about your life right now? I love it, I have a great job. I am a full time Dental Hygienist and have wonderful patients. They are the ones who told me to start my Etsy store.
Janice and her 'friend'
    I am a self taught photographer and have enjoyed taking pictures for as long as I can remember. Photography for me is a creative outlet. There is something special about capturing a particular memory in a photograph. I hope you will agree that beauty can be found in the everyday.

    I also do the Natick's Farmers Market one to two Saturdays a month during the Summer; I usually particpate in around 10 Craft Shows a year. My biggest ones are the Wellesley Marketplace, Wellelsey, Ma and the PolyArts in Hopkinton, Ma. The applications are in so fingers crossed...
******** GIVEAWAY TIME ***

1.. If "like" Janice's Facebook page you are entered in a chance to win a 5 x 7 photograph of your choice.
Value: $15.00
Number of winners: 1

2.. Put your name in the comments section here too or I won't know!


  1. ...great chat! I like Janice's philosophy :D

  2. me me me!!! I love how you are always finding lovely shops and great people :D

  3. Cool giveaway! Liked JLMs facebook page - maura

  4. The love the simple beauty of the rocks. Reminds me of all the time I spent as a child playing in riverbeds.


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