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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (1)

It's the first Scavenger Hunt of the year and I was not going to miss this; I have a strong desire to do every 52 weeks of this Hunt this time. Okay, I won't throw myself upon the nearest sword if I don't manage it but I am going to try at least :) So here we go with week 1:

Breakfast - I'm a bit of a breakfast hound, I found it a little too difficult to take the photo before I ate my muesli, sorry but you must understand, I wake up hungry...

Multi-Coloured - this is my Christmas cracker gift - a spinning top, spinning.

Starts with the Letter C - we have a little let over from New Year's Night :) It's probably flat even with the cork stuffed back in but no doubt we'll drink it.

Roll - or in my case, rolls. I love rolls of tape no matter the type. It's great stuff and utterly vital for my good health, lol.

Future - forgive me but when I saw this prompt I instantly thought of the film 'Back to the Future' and thus 88 miles per hour (how fast the DeLorean has to travel to get it time travelling.) I know, I'm a geek.

To take part or merely enjoy other interruptations of these prompts visit Ashley Sisk's blog here


  1. I actually see absolutely nothing wrong with getting a prompt from a movie. I would do that if I were clever enough this morning.

    Love the spinning top photo...that's awesome.

    My 2nd ever hunt results are now posted if you'd care to join me.

  2. Nice your take on Roll!

  3. I'm a 'feet hit floor', 'make way to kitchen', 'coffee', 'dry whole grain something' breakfast kinda gal, so I completely get ya on that first one. Great set, and am SO IMPRESSED with the 88 - very nice!

  4. Love your spinning top! Very creative.

  5. I don't have to eat when I first get up, but I sure have to have the first cup before anything happens. Great line-up of shots this all those colorful rolls of tape!!

  6. Where did you get that tape?

    <--- envious.


  7. Happy New Year. I hope that champagne is still a little bit bubbly for you :D Love all your cute tapes. FUNNNNN

  8. Happy New Year! I hope your champagne has a few more bubbles for you. And those darling tapes... oh - the possibilities ;D

  9. Mm your breakfast sounds so tasty!

  10. Very nice set. I'm loving your Roll shot, what cool tape.
    Future was fun too and yes I remember that movie.

  11. Well WOW! Thank you so much for all the comments, you have really made my day :)

    I love hunting with you ladies xx

  12. That doesn't make you geeky, it makes you awesome! Love it!


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