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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

my little birdies

I may have mentioned this already but I'll say it again... This year hasn't been so good for me so far. Maybe it's something to do with that 13 in 2013, maybe I'm cursed but then my hubby and I are even more in love and I have a new mental health team that are trying new things - so I guess it's sort off okay.

Since the middle of January I have wanted to create something new for my Sew Cherry Blossom shop and it's been a struggle, though I have enjoyed the journey and always knew what I wanted in the end product. In between really rough days were I have had to be sedated and days were my new meds have played up and my hands haven't been working I have been thinking a lot. So when I can I do, when I can't I plan :) I am stubborn!

So welcome to the first of my birds - freedom in felt, for me; a project that has literally given me hope that I can fight and creating is something that helps me to conquer the desires to hurt myself. There is a lot of emotion and love in these, I have 5 so far and my love keeps growing...

So welcome to my Bird Hangings/Garlands .......

These 2 are going to be in the 'standard beauties' section hopefully tomorrow and I have ideas for a 'deluxe beauties' range  :) They will basically be the same only with more beading, sparkle and ribbon, plus a topper that will have a gorgeous big bow, or heart of the initials of your choice :) Yep, that magical word - personalise-able.

*** I have also been lucky that my archeo Hubby is working on some research on churches and thus I have visited a few gorgeous ruins in the most stunning spots and my photographic juices are returning :) I think I can say that in the next week or two I shall upload a good few nice new shots that you will hopefully love as much as me. Cherry Blossom Tattoo is coming back!

*** Aannnnndddd - 'Sweet Etsy Goodness' interviews are coming back - I have 2 fabulous women who are interested but I haven't got their replies back yet. PLEASE, if you are interested in FREE publicity here contact me, share the offer with your friends too, I will take any arty/crafty people off Etsy :)

Love and Hugs


  1. LOVED this post, dear Carrie!!! Where should I start? Hmmmm... well, first of all -- those birds are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!!! So colorful, cheerful and happy-making! And they look wonderful photographed against the blue sky! You did great, sweetie!!! Can you feel the same happy energy I feel when making colorful jewelry? :)
    I'm so glad to hear that your photographic juices are back! YAY! :D You make me want to go back to my creative materials and start creating!!! I totally agree with you... creativity is the best therapy!!! I tend to create in "fits", and after a time off my creative work I suddenly get the urge to create something... and now it's been quite some time already -- but Nature is so gorgeous too, and another great therapy to me!
    This may be a "slow" year for both of us, but I know it has great things in store! Just wait! ;D
    Love you! :)

  2. Oh Annuk, my dear friend. Yes the creativity does make life feel more worth while. Your red heart ring lifts my spirits with it's colour and that fact that it came from you xxxx

    Get crafty baby girl!!!! You bring joy to the world xxx

  3. They are lovely and I hope you make more of them!
    And I hope that your mood improves. It's always an uphill battle, I know, and it's so easy to get tired of the struggle.

  4. Lin - you angel, thank you so much for your understanding and your outpouring of love. A new friend on Twitter and the first person to ever own a 'birdie' :) I can not thank you enough.

    I have been making more.... :)


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