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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Changes are afoot

Things have been poorly in Cherry Blossom Towers - collective sigh :( But I am as stubborn as the proverbial mule as am determined to get through this tough period in one piece. One thing that really helps is being creative, as I wrote about a few months ago both here and on my fave website 'Kind over Matter'. I am making robins and planning new animals and mobiles etc and have a secret board on Pinterest where my ideas are more chaos than helpful but they are all there :) Depression, Acute Anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder and Double Vision do not make for an easy life but one thing is for sure - my attitude is one of perseverance and my hubby is the biggest, strongest rock imaginable :)

I include the hubby in all my big decisions and sometimes little ones like recently, the colour of beads I thought I needed, hehehe. When it came to leaving St Georges' Market he was there for me; he was the one that took me to one side and told me I had to stop doing craft fairs too and accept that I couldn't cope. So now we have joined forces again and Cherry Blossom Tattoo is changing - changing to suit my needs, my health and my enjoyment.

As of today Cherry Blossom Tattoo is no longer just about photography - I have decided that my little bits of sewing are making me happier, getting me more attention in 'real' shops and giving me more to do with my time, in all weather. There are so many amazing photographers out there and now, well, let's be honest, everyone with a smartphone and a simple app can take a good enough picture for their own needs. I LOVE photography and will continue to learn and practice but you shall see Cherry Blossom Tattoo Photography dissolve and the remnants (such as photographic cards, postcards and custom orders) absorbed into my 1 shop - Oh Cherry Blossom.

Today I got the nod from Etsy to change my name from Sew Cherry Blossom to Oh Cherry Blossom so everything is co-ordinated; my website name, shop name, facebook address, twitter and maybe even an email address.... Sadly bloody Facebook refuses to change the title of my business page but hey what can you do??

I hope you will continue to support me and leave little comments here and on Facebook. Join me on Twitter and see more about me and my sewing and allotmenting and photography...

It's a little pleasure alright but one that is so often over looked - we have the power to please ourselves!

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Carrie,

    I totally understand your decision to move towards your sewing passion and away from the separate photo shop.

    I am struggling with similar issues (and there is nothing like this time of year to make you feel like you get lost in the mix) I regularly exchange convos with a few of my blogger buddies about the challenging of staying on Etsy and how to make it work. I have 4 separate shops on there right now and it is a pain to maintain and only 2 of them sell and the numbers there are not stunning :(

    So I am trying to decide what it is I really want to focus on, one decision I made was I am not going to be selling vintage anymore
    (way too exhausting trying to find boxes and packing for
    everything :(

    But I love creating my photography and art and my sewing and knitting but posting everything is such a time sink.

    Oh Well!! :)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, cheers, T. :)


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