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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

creating happiness

Well since the last post I have been on the same trajectory and loving every moment, every double vision stressed needle threading moment :) Haha. I have indeed even made some pocket money and the knowledge that people like my work so much they part with their cash for it, well, it makes me weak at the knees.

Here are the main developments:
* rainbow bird mobiles
* birds on perches
* basic hair barrettes bought
 * an elephant in design

So first to the bird mobile. This is what I always wanted to do with my birds once I truly got the hang of making them and could do so a little faster. Still this mobile takes about 4 good days work morning noon and night. Aren't I so lucky I love to do this stuff? I didn't know it but it was happening by my side...I always hand cut an extra bird template every time I decide to do a bird. So I was walking past my study one morning, looked in at my table and there was a rainbow! They all simply needed to be finished properly and have a motif on the wings to tie them altogether. I even had a few embroidery hoops in a box in the cupboard. I was so happy!

These ones also have buttons on their chests (I took the rainbow and turned it backwards so the red with paired with violet etc.) and jingle bells hanging from their bellies which sing in the wind. I covered the wood with lovely blue braiding, the same colour as the thread (blue for the sky - yep that's how my mind works). 

I have sold one that is very similar but was destined for the room of a small child so no beads, buttons or bells.

The birds on perches idea came just a simply as I walked along the same hallway (inspiration hallway?!) and saw my bird cage with fake birds on and in it. I did get help from my friends on Facebook in the design of it but I claim full rights now, ahaha. 

I cut a section  of trellis wood we had in the shed, sanded back a piece and used some allotment wire to create the loop. The birds were made and just sitting there unused, I didn't want to do another hanging; again serendipity stepped in and so using them and some leaves I created a little cosy perch. On Pinterest there are oh, I don't know, 100s of tutorials on making felt flowers and I tried a rose one, not too bad I think. 

Maybe not the best photo, I took it with my phone for Instagram
This one will go to the local gift shop as it is fully assembled but I am going to have to make it into a 'finish yourself' item on Etsy - there is no way I could post it as is. So the birds will have to be attached by the new owner by glue and thread for feet. I hope it's popular, I love making them and giving into minor woodwork too :)

Lastly, I am finally moving away from only doing birds and have bought in some hair clips.. and I have a wonky elephant plush staring at me, waiting to truly be something (and get back legs, ears and a tail - oops).

Love and hugs,

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  1. Your birds are absolutely beautiful! I really like the mobile.


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